"I have grown & learnt so much & have received an amazing & supportive sisterhood in the process. Never before have I felt so sexy, alive, powerful & in tune with not only my body but with the universe. I am so thankful for this experience, so much more than words can explain!" Participant

"She knows her stuff and she marinates every cell of her workshop participants with her sharing. Jump on board with one of Alana's courses because it'll be an extraordinary gift to yourself." Love, Lulu Marie Dancing Eros Facilitator

"Alana has this beautiful strong, honest, fuck-it(blunt), yet tender approach in her facilitating. She gave me reminders to get back to myself, to trust my own strength and beauty, and love me as is. Always sending me back to myself. She's been there herself and travelled these depths so it's all authentic guiding." Esther Buttery photographer & artist

"She has this authentic, supportive nature, and I felt that she really fucking wanted us to explore our depths, tune in, fully appreciate ourselves for the incredibly sexy, sensuous beings we are. She saw our divinity, our darkness, and I felt safely held. Safe to explore my edges. I still hear that sweet voice of hers saying 'yes, yes, yes'. I'm so grateful to you Alana, for guiding me so lovingly into my own world of pleasure, expression & self-love." Sam, Social Worker