Erotic Empowerment

Become the radiantly orgasmic woman you were born to be

Do you want to feel more pleasure?

... In your body, oozing out of your pores, dripping with a turned on yes! - in all areas of your life?

Do you feel like there is more to your sexuality, more to sex, more to life? (yes, there is!)


Do you want to feel sexy and radiant and radically orgasmic? - We ALL have the potential to be fully orgasmic women.

Do you want to feel powerfully embodied, alive with sensuality, in love with yourself and tapped into your innate wisdom and femininity?

In these 6 weeks I will impart you with the juiciest learnings I have to help you become the most vibrantly real and orgasmic woman you can be.

We will be initiating ourselves into what it truly means to be a woman on this planet. Empowered by self responsibility, ignited with passion, unapologetically expressive, orgasmic and juicy, open hearted, grounded and at home within ourselves.

Wet with desire for life.

You will journey through embodied experiences infused with cognitive understanding to really integrate all that you are discovering into your day to day life. Each week will be a different theme all with the same underpinning core principles.

This is not just some workshop - this is a deep reclamation of all that you are!

If you are ready to transform your relationship to your sexuality, yourself, others and your life then this is for you!

I will share with you the most potent practices I have learnt from various teachers and my own life experiences in a supportive group of like minded women.

You will receive:

  • Deep teachings & transmissions to unlock your own innate wisdom
  • Sharing in a supportive safe space
  • Amazing embodied exercises, practices & rituals
  • Homeplay to integrate the learnings into your life and go deeper
  • Access to a private online community of women to continue journeying further
  • Resources, pdfs, recommended books, audios, music and more
  • Nourishing food at every class
  • An opportunity to form beautiful friendships with other women
  • A deeply enriching transformative experience to take you into the next stage of your life.
  • & Much more ;)

Space is limited to keep it powerful, this will fill fast.

The things that scare us the most are the things that give us the biggest gifts.

I really encourage you to take the leap of faith and book in - if any part of you feels curious - follow that desire! It is your intuition telling you “Hey! I want this!” I was shit scared of the first workshop I ever attended, but fuck. I am so glad I did.

I so look forward to journeying with all of you brave beautiful women

Thank you for committing to YOU.