Erotic Empowerment One Night Only

A woman's journey into sensual self love, erotic awakening & feminine embodiment

We have almost completed the 6 week Erotic Empowerment journey. WOAH! 

I was filled with so much inspiration witnessing the women's journey over these few weeks that I have moved things around to be able to offer you all one more chance to get a taste of this work.

This is a night just for you.

This is a nourishing night to give back to the most important person in your life (YOU) . <3

This is a night to spend time with beautiful women of all ages, to create community, to begin to explore your feminine essence and how it feels to open your heart to self love.

Women are powerful beings. Much more powerful than we have ever been told. When we start to explore our inner world, we start to heal and we begin to experience who we truly are.

This planet is in desperate need of courageously conscious women. It's time to get really real.

If you could see your own magnificence you would fall in love in an instant.

I want you to feel your beauty, your worth, your power, your unique radiance.

It can be a fucking scary thing to come to something strange like this. There's a lot of shame and fear around our sexuality. Let me say two things:

This is not some crazy orgy night, with unleashed sexual energy flying around. This is much more about gently exploring who you are as a woman, through your sensuality and your heart. You won't be expected to get naked or anything like that so don't worry! 

Getting to know yourself deeper than you have before, saying YES to transformation and growth is always uncomfortable. I was shit scared the first women's workshop I ever went to! 

If you are feeling resistant, if the excuses are piling up - then you know that this will be a powerful night for you. What we fear always offers us the biggest gifts.

Your sisters have been through a whole course! And they loved it.

The venue is pretty big, I would LOVE to fill it up and consequently fill Launceston up with beautiful glowing women before I leave ;)

Invite your sisters, girlfriends, aunties, mothers, grandmas, cousin, wives let's do this! 

Single ticket: $25

If you can't afford it - send me a msg and we'll work something out - I don't want money to be the reason that you don't come! <3 

Lots of love beautiful women, looking forward to this special night <3

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P.s It's held centrally in Launceston, you will receive the venues address after booking. x