How to Cure Sensual Atrophy, A Manifesto



Our sensuality is a muscle that needs to be stretched, otherwise the fibrous web of fascia binds it tight, otherwise the muscular integrity starts to die and we suffer from sensual atrophy.

When we suffer from sensual atrophy our relationships suffer, our creativity suffers, our mental + physical health suffers and basically life is missing it's richness and full bodied flavour.

It is our resistance to reckoning with our bodily debts and stored felt sense memories that halts our forward momentum, we do not want to invest in our sensuality because we fear feeling, we fear reconciliation, we fear empowerment.

and in a world thats every effort is to take us outside of our bodies, to unseat us from our thrones, to detach us from our power & intuition,

 to activate your sensuality - to experience your orgasmicness -

requires a daily taking back of your awareness from the external to the internal -

- reeling the kite string of your conscious mind back inside again and again.

Where attention goes energy flows.

We need to direct our conscious attention to the parts of ourselves that are hard to feel, the parts we want to hear louder, the parts we want to understand more.

It is a constant redirection,  a re-tuning of frequency.

We have to resuscitate our sensual selves, breathe life back into the tissues of her, flood our system with new oxygen and blood.

We have to un-domesticate, shake off the stagnation and suppression, we have to go into the wild and claw at our skin in earnest and tear off the rotting placenta of society.

It is our responsibility to birth ourselves into who we want to be.

We have to scream until our throats are raw so we can remember how to use them.

We have to break the curses placed upon us and learn how to cast spells consciously,

We have to re-inhabit the vacant spaces of our selves because where we are vacant we are weak and that is where we are occupied by disease and entities and drained of self esteem.

We have to go where fear doesn't want us to go, throw open the gates guarded by resistance and howl and cry and nurse the lost parts of ourselves and throw out the squatters in the abandoned parts of our souls.

We have to use our sexual energy consciously, to fuck ourselves free.

We need to submerge our feet in reality and shatter the fantasy.

Because where fantasy is thriving, our ability to actualise is minimized- we have to live in this world to have an impact upon it.

To get empowered you have to get primordial, you have to get real and you have to get embodied.

and that's what will cure sensual atrophy.

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