The Goddess As A Spiritual Bypass

Image by Priyanka Paul

Image by Priyanka Paul



A female God. A female deity. A woman who is adored especially for her beauty. Believed to have power over a particular part of the world or nature in myths and religions. Having supernatural powers or attributes.



Synonyms: god, goddess, divine being, supreme being, divinity, immortal.

Guess what?

You are NOT a goddess.

You are not a supreme being of supernatural power, an immortal mythic figure of worship, birthed from the heavens and ruling over earth.


You are an extraordinarily ordinary, stock standard Hu-man. Who bleeds iron rich blood, who fucks up and who carries wounds, scarred and flawed.

The new age light-workers and shamans and shakti-namaste-yoni preachers have done a great job at convincing mere mortals that they are almighty figures of light and god status.

It's a handy band-aid for women with self worth issues who want to feel deserving of devotion, respect and adoration. Who want a label to cling to that will offer them the illusion of empowerment, confidence & self love without doing more than asserting

"I am a Goddess."

Goddesses aren't meant to be used as ego trips, they are powerful allies to call upon to help us understand the powerful mystical nature of womanhood further.

You know what you are not a goddess but you are something even more special,

You are a HUMAN.

and despite the odds you are here, you weren't bestowed with other-wordly abilities that gave you power to reign over existence, you have made it this far despite hardship and trauma and have overcome the odds time and time again, with your completely mundane set of bones & organs, mortal circumstances & shortcomings.

To call me a goddess is not a compliment, it's an insult and it undermines all I have survived, felt and achieved in this challenging form and dimension.

You are not above the human race you are a part of it

and the longer you deny your mortality you deny yourself the chance to truly embody your creative potential.

Your spiritual self worth needs to be integrated onto the earthly plane and planted in reality to really flourish. Which takes more than repeating the mantra; "I am a Goddess".


The thing is humans are magic and divine as fuck - to be human is to be spiritual - to be made of god and to be made of shit & sinew & sweat - 

We are made with infinite creative potential, but it takes a unified will to access that potential, it takes a willingness to humble yourself in the rawness of this earthly existence.

To honour the light and the dark, to acknowledge that you have aspects of the divine and the demonic,

you are a goddess and you are not.

When you can anchor your divinity within your flesh you wield real power and influence.

Only then you will experience meaningful self worth.

The real grounded power of manifestation + wisdom.


We are limitless beings housed in dying skins, and our mission is to not spend our lives believing ourselves to be the stuff of religious fairy tales but to embrace this life for all that is is, to burrow ourselves in the darkness and to discover that it is made up of the same stuff as the light.


To waste this precious life in delusion is such a shame.

Because unlike a goddess you have an expiry date.


Aphrodite was birthed from the churning sea, Cerridwen is the keeper of the cauldron, Diana is the goddess of the hunt, Gaia is the primordial mother, Hebe, the server of immortal nectar, Hekate, the goddess of wild places, Hella who belongs to the realm of the dead, Venus, whom all men desire, Selene, the personification of the moon, Persephone the maiden of the underworld, Nephthys, goddess of death + decay + the unseen, Kali the black one, Isis she of the throne..

The Goddesses offer us insight through mythic parables and are archetypes that we can access to explore hidden parts of ourselves and remind us of our innate magic and sacredness but should not replace the unique messy miracle of you.

Yes you are divine and yes you are a fuck up, yes you are ugly and yes you are beautiful. Yes you are a goddess and yes you are not.

We are all just incomplete stories finding our way home, writing our own legends as we go.


Bring humanness back on trend

not this fake goddess bullshit.

Humble yourself.

You're not just a goddess, admired for beauty or feared for her magical powers.

You're so much more than that.

You're a god damn human.

*** there have been a lot of people triggered by this blog, I've copped a lot of cruelty and hate, I feel my point has been misunderstood by many of the haters. I changed the title from "Guess What? You Are NOT a Goddess" to it's current title to see if that's any easier to swallow for people. Also all comments on my blog have been disabled for now. ***

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Image by Priyanka Paul