Image by Alina Amador starring Gabrielle Sneed

Image by Alina Amador starring Gabrielle Sneed


perhaps the greatest modern tragedy is the loss of our wild selves.

we have been severed from our natural state

our core essence

our hunger
our rage
our decay

which is the extension of our sexuality

our sensuality

our intuition

our creativity

our roots.


we are nations of wandering, un-mothered women who have lost our innate and sacred connection with the wild.


we have forgotten how to wield our power

so it inevitably turns inwards

directed by shadows, shame, low self esteem & fear.


our powerful energy

our own worst enemy.


instead of ancient wisdom being handed down through stories and taught by example

we have hereditary unconsciousness & trauma

and are left vulnerable to the conditioning of the media & consumer industry.


we have brainwashed our powerful women


Our great mothers

from their medicine breasts we used to suckle the wisdom of life


Our witches that held the earths secrets of dark and light

the mysterious gift bringers of magic and manifestation.


The priestesses of the sacred arts

embodying the force of sexuality as a tool for transcendence.


we need them now - and they ARE rising

shedding veils

stepping up from dark lagoons

draped in sea vines.
night time and dirt.

breaking through cracks in the sidewalk
and over ripe fruit.


she is returning.

we are remembering.


who we are

who we were

and who we came to be.


with knowledge comes responsibility.

we have to take our evolution and healing into our own hands


tend to our wounds gently

pour out the poison

and leave the blame behind.


.. and reclaim ourselves as both holy and wild.


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Image by Alina Amador starring Gabrielle Sneed

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