Image by Cesar (@_cesio)



Sexual abuse abides by no gender.

The systemic danger of being female is pervasive and omnipresent,

but the abuse of men is a different disease.


Men carry the crisis of denying their own DNA

of being born of woman,





and proceeding to slice her from his chest.


They carry the crisis

of "Manning Up"


of swallowing tears till their jaws quake

and tendons throb and break.


of silence.


of separation from their severed hearts, from connection.


A loneliness that sneaks into their rooms


and hangs them in the night.


From a secret pain that dared not be spoken.


#metoo. #mentoo.

We all suffer from our disconnection.

We are a wounded people.
A traumatized race.
Perpetuating our abuse.


How many hearts must break
and necks snap

Before we make
a change.


© Copyright 2017 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights Reserved

Art - Cesar (@_cesio)