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unknown artist. contact for credit.


A global chorus of ME TOO


A symphony of survival




Baring what lay beneath our bleeding breasts



We set ourselves alight

With the flames of our enough


in the hope the beast will choke on the smoke,

will be blinded by our war cry.


A million hearts on fire

is that what it takes to get your attention?


Are our scars illuminated now?


Can you see the blood?


Dripping down thighs.
Black red river.


From men that took what wasn’t theirs,


that violated,
that abused,


that spilt war in our bodies.


Can you see the wounds

from stolen touches?


Stolen sanity.
Stolen innocence.


Can you see the welts from fingernails?


From clawing at our own skin so hard


because it doesn’t feel like home with your words graffitied on its walls.


It feels like a hot rash of shame


So we try to tear it off
and bleed out the filth

the hate

the rape


but we can’t escape


being a woman is dangerous


our voluptuousness incites violence

what lay between our legs
makes us unsafe


when men are raised with broken hearts
and entitled egos


in a world where womens sex is a commodity

women are endangered.


being a woman means I'm never safe.


so, me too



Every damn woman I know,



How many more must say me too..

so that our daughters will never have too.


© Copyright 2017 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights Reserved

Image unknown

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