Image by Frida Castelli


Fuck off with your patriarchal orgasms


My sex is as threatening in its mess as it is in its spiritual essence

It is unconventional and foreign from your porn or how to guides

It is raw, instinctual + unrefined

I’m not here to sit pretty on top of your dick, posing, pitch perfect, with perky breasts

I’m not the fulfillment to your fetishes, fantasies and addictions

I. am. a. WOMAN.

and my sexual experience belongs to me.

I milk my pleasure for god, my orgasms are my life force, I am here to fuck as I please.

If my foul words or spit fused hair -

If my eyes that flicker like dying light bulbs



If the organic sound of my moans -

The foam that gathers down my chin -

The river that flows between my legs,

Drown you

Terrify you


Your turn on

and shatter your fantasy with non-reality

Don’t expect me to weep in apology.

Because I fuck authentically.

I fuck shamelessly.

and if you listen closely you can learn how too.

My body is asking you questions

About the man that your soul wants you to become.

How deeply will you dare to let me penetrate your heart,

with the love that flows within my fuck.

How honestly can you communicate with your skin, your eyes, your breath..

How clean can you be with your filth.

How connected are you to your wilderness.

How awake is your flesh.

How humble is your ego.

Can you be with me as I writhe and slam and throw my neck..

Can you quiver with me as we dissolve in the most exquisite subtle electricity.

Can you vibrate with me and be at peace in the silence of our spiritual sex.

Can you let go with me and die and scream and be resurrected panting, eyes bright, with a laugh on your open lips?

Fuck your patriarchal orgasms

I’m not here to cater to you, to fake it and perform tricks.

I'm a full bodied, whole hearted and deep soul-ed woman,

I do not exist for your dick.


© Copyright 2017 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights Reserved

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- Image by Frida Castelli