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The first time he asked me to call him daddy I threw up a little bit in my mouth + my intestines contorted in a wrenching display of nervousness + repulsion.

What the fuck kind of perversion is this?

I was quite naive + innocent when it came to sex before this point, I really didn’t have much exposure to things like this.


But sure enough, using this term of endearment in a sexual context as time went on unlocked something inside of me...


Namely massive daddy trauma that I had no idea I was hoarding, repressed memories, my first deep vaginal orgasm experience, all of that kind of stuff.


Culminating and climaxing in tears of gratitude & the type of forgiveness that sews your heart back together.


It enabled me to begin the journey of addressing the childhood trauma that was running (+ ruining) my life behind the scenes.


Using dirty talk to safely explore secret desires, taboos & trauma to catalyse change + create magic is a widely under utilised tool.


Sexy trigger words, used in a safe context can be used to explore all kinds of shadowy, over looked nooks in your psyche and integrate your darkness with your light.


Combining the power of our imagination with our erotic felt sense and noble intentions to explore our shamey desires or suppressed parts of our sexual psyche is a healing modality.


It doesn’t need to have that incestual/lost innocence edge to it either - it could be exploring your thing about feet.. about being dominated..about being smothered in cake or shit or being watched as you self pleasure..


You can also use dirty talk as a kind of hypnosis, as a neurolinguistic programming of sorts, to reinstate positive things, empowering + healing statements, to change behavioural habits, to re-write our stories and excavate our shame and to cast spells...


 - dirty talk can direct your lovemaking from the mundane into the sublime, steering the flow of energy + your awareness with your use of language -


"Fuck me back to God, fill me with your highest dreams and desires, seed me with your highest intentions, I wanna feel you deep and throbbing and making me cum all over you from so fucking deep, take me deeper than I've ever gone.. yes daddy, yes daddy, yes daddy..."


Words charged up with the association of aroused states it is the type of thing that leaves marks on your consciousness - be mindful of your dirty talk, you are manifesting and magic making.


When you unite your dirty fantasies with a higher intention you can transmute shame into shamlessness...

+ when you hold a space of shamelessness within yourself you'll be amazed at how your non-judgemental presence helps others experience shamlessness too.

When you dissolve shame you liberate a fuck ton of energy that was being employed to suppress.


You can free yourself of sexual obsessions + fantasies that hold power over you, by going into the dark consciously and fucking yourself free.


Dirty talk can be a healing modality, if used mindfully.


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Image by Anya Panchenko