Madness Is My Magic

Unknown Image Source, please contact me if this art belongs to you so I can credit you.

Unknown Image Source, please contact me if this art belongs to you so I can credit you.

I just had someone label me as a cluster B due to how I express myself online.

The principle behind such an act was what enraged me, imagining if I was my younger more vulnerable self, unsure of my mental stability, how a comment like that may have affected me.

It was a great reminder of how the sensitive and creative are always in danger in a society that resents realness.

In a culture built on bullshit those that speak the truth unfiltered are shunned, when the masses fear freedom of expression the fearlessly expressive face involuntary asylum.

If you threaten the norm you become endangered if you don’t conform.

Artists have been persecuted for eons for being themselves, for daring to be dangerously creative.

At the first chance others get they are labelled, medicated and incarcerated.

So many young artists, healers and mystics have their light asphyxiated by the mainstream's fear of truth and of courage, by peoples addiction to comfort and their terror of the unknown.

The DSM is a dangerous text, lest the next generation of revolutionaries are diagnosed as sick and depressed, delusional and unstable, disregarded and disabled.

Art is here to disturb the status quo,  it is here to make you question, to make you feel, to destroy anything not rooted in reality or real.

Artists aren’t here to be put on pills.


Madness and genius share the same border.

The psychotic and the psychic,

The mentally ill and the mystical,  all inhabit the same sphere.


We commute between the worlds to deliver wisdom, we exist in realms that act as bridges between neither here nor there, we transmute pain into beauty, artistic alchemists, finding our way to be cosmic and grounded simultaneously, anchored yet weightless, embodied spirits in creative service. We voyage to places few would dare go, we speak to god in daydreams.

Our gifts are not worthless just because you don't understand us.


Let us nourish and protect our young creators, as their supple minds bend and sway attempting to decide whether to go or stay.

Let us give them a home in which no judgment resides, where their imaginations can blossom and safely abide, the taunting voices of society subside.

Because if art dies we will all die.

Receptive souls do not need to be ostracized,

their uniqueness needs to be nurtured and recognized.


If you were ever told you were sick or wrong or had your humanity disregarded because of your lack of “normal” sanity,


I. am. so. sorry.


You are not here to fit into this world.

You are here to dream us all into a new one.

and for that you are Brave.

You are Special and You are Sacred.


They use the word madness like it's an insult

..but they don't know its a compliment.

Our Madness is our gift.


Our super power.


Our War Cry.


"it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society".
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

We will not let art die.

© Copyright 2016 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights Reserved


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Personal Note: There is no shame in doing WHATEVER you need to do to survive. At one stage in my life medication & mainstream therapy were very helpful for me. You CAN transcend the pills and prescriptions and conditions. Do what you need to do but don't go numb permanently. Your insight and creativity are needed here. Your big heart and wild mind are precious. Hold onto Hope. Don't give up.