Racist By Default


It is time to let our white hearts break deeper.

It's time to bleed harder & louder.
It's time for mobilization, action, change & transformation.

Yes white reader you are racist by default.

We are the offspring of a white supremacist society.

The spawn of pale monstrosities.
It is our heritage, our lineage, our blood, to rectify, to repent and purify.

Racist until proven human.

White people aren't bred with the notion of tribe.
Only the new age catchphrase inscribed on inspirational memes, just because it rhymes with vibe.

We are islands unto ourselves, isolated & desolate.
White sand with blue tides lapping at the edges.

It is so easy for us to look away, when our kinsmen are committing atrocities.
It's not us.
They are not affiliated with us.
We wash our hands under cold running water to expunge ourselves of any unpleasant feelings of guilt, to discharge ourselves from any moral responsibility.

We cleanse our conscience with excuses, with frail egos & hyper-reactive defensiveness.

We stay silent as our people kill.
We seal our lips shut as our pedestrian armies murder.
We turn our heads the other way as our fellow white men ruthlessly & mercilessly decimate innocent black lives.

This is genocide.

Systemic killing of a race.
Of a colour.

A shade that we are told represents death, that we are instructed to fear.

The hue of deep earth or the night sky, a still pond or the center of an eye.

A skin tone that represents richness of culture, depth of wisdom, traditions passed down from ancestors & spiritual gifts lifted.

The original people, full of a strength so threatening, a magic so strong that we must eliminate them. Destroy them.

Wage wars with them in their own backyards, us with the full force of the law & weaponry on our side. Planting landmines in their hearts.

Incessant never ending trauma, bullet wounds on top of bullet wounds, fresh tears into bloody flesh, soul deep tattoos and weeping scars.

And we say it's not my mess to fix.
It’s not my fault.
It’s not me.
We have no sense of accountability.

But when one black father is shot all the children weep.. and the next day another and the hearts break deeper, and the next day again and the apathy causes hearts to stop beating.
Numbed out by horrors too deep for us to understand, by fear so real, just being alive causes post traumatic stress disorder.

Assassinated in pure daylight, with their hands raised in hallelujah to heaven to save them.
Their last words left hanging on social media.

Hunted has become an adjective to describe how they are.

Not fine, not bad, but HUNTED.


We must take responsibility within our own hearts.
We must end this savagery.
Dismantle this system of lawful terrorists and reinstate our own power, collectively, justly.

We must end this.

Not with riots but with righteousness.

White silence is a luxury.

And it spells Death & Complacency.