I Adore Men. Here's How You Can Too

I adore men.

And (when I'm not being a hermit) I routinely attract beautiful men into my life.

I attribute this to 2 things I have dedicated a lot of time & energy towards:


1: De-masculinising myself.

Undoing all the layers of cultural conditioning around being “man-like”.

Women have become unhealthy, unbalanced men.

Whether that be because of the workplace, the fact that our society values “masculine” attributes over feminine ones or the desired result of a much more sinister operation involving hormone manipulation, biochemical warfare and shit loads of subliminal & overt programming all designed to decimate women.

..To alienate women from themselves & their power source, so they will never wield their true magic & topple this sick fucking society.

Whatever the case we have renounced our feminine essence, generally tossed away at a young age.

Probably when we realised being feminine doesn’t equal winning, it doesn’t equal respect and sure as fuck doesn’t equal safety.

So we "man up".

We close our soft oozing hearts in cold steel casing, we carve ourselves into angular, sharp objects with impenetrable walls wrapped around us. We condemn our feelings, we run riot with our emotions, we are torn up by a loneliness and longing that we can't shake despite our tough exterior.

We wanted to win but we have lost.

In this current paradigm "doing" is celebrated but "being" isn't. Being hard, strong, successful, goal orientated, dominating, achieving - the work place exacerbates & celebrates a more (unbalanced) "masculine" way of being & we have traded our feminine qualities in favour of the more respected male attributes.

This might win you promotions but won't win you long lasting, fulfilling relationships with men.

To begin to break down my fortress of misconstrued maleness I engaged in deep feminine practices.

I was reunited with my sensual, erotic & sexual self.

I developed a relationship with my sensitive softness & celebrated my courageous vulnerability.

I went into the dangerous woods of my wild self, howling and fucking with my ancestors on the wet earth.

I prayed in the profound sacredness of my holiness, my body became a place of worship.

My heart broke open in the devastating glory of longing & surrender again and again.

2: I was introduced to the work of Alison Armstrong.

Aka I reprogrammed myself to love & respect men rather than hate & emasculate them.

Reading Alison Armstrong's books, listening to her audio workshops & being around women doing the same was a huge game changer.

I had no idea of the toxic programs I was running about men until I read her work.

Her work gave me vision where I was blind & understanding where I only knew lies.

Most women have no idea that the thoughts they think, the words they say & the way they act pushes men away & often hurts them.

Once I vowed to give up my perceived right to emasculate men & lived in alignment with Alison's teachings the quality of my connections with men sky rocketed.

For a lot of women both these journeys are painful and uncomfortable. There is a lot of yuckiness to face about our behaviour & deep wounding to heal.


We have blamed men for far too long and it must end with us.

It is time for us to start inspiring the best in each other rather than the worst.


Keeping men and women in conflict is a strategic act.

When men and women come together in mutual respect, understanding & appreciation, we will be unstoppable.

Once men and women join forces we will no longer be easily manipulated slaves.

As long as we are separate we are weak & will continue to suffer.

When women rise up and take responsibility things will shift.


We have our swords pointed in the wrong direction ladies, men are not the enemy.

They are waiting for us.

It's time to step up.


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Alison Armstrong (You can get her stuff on amazon, & download free audios on audible)