Fuck New Age Purity. Get Dirty. Get Off on your shadow.

Image by Jason Levesque

“I believe we have to reprogram ourselves with the vibration of pure love and light. We need to release every cell of negativity. We need to rise above our shadow. Love is the highest vibration”

Not when your Love is so conditional and New Age it makes me gag with bad vibes.

I in no way believe or endorse “rising above” anything.
That creates more shadow
More separation
More dis-ease
More disharmony, increasing the divide between human and god, between heaven and earth.

The way is to honour the shadow.

You’ve got to love all the shadowy dark shit about yourself.

You've got to love it so hard you get off on the parts that are so taboo and so shame filled.

Purity is not being without shadow.
We all have a fucking shadow.
Purity comes from shamelessness and the ability to be completely unabashed and expressive about your dirtiest kinks.
Purity is owning your shadiest parts and freakiest shit.

Shamelessness Purifies.

Go into the vilest most horrendous corners of your psyche and surrender yourself.

Let her consume you as she rides you to the edge of your perceived limits

Take off your pants and let her
Take you
Break you
Remake you

Her Hips grinding you into the powerful being you came here to be.

Let her decompose you and mulch you back into the earth.
Putrefy your flesh into rotting stench and feed you to the worms - to be eaten and shat out and returned to yourself.

Feel it all baby

All of the conditioning that’s been tainting your precious light
All of the parts of yourself that you hate to admit are a part of you
All of the collective ancestral shit accumulated and amassed over eons
All of the suffering and sickness of society that plagues you

It’s all there in you.

And the more you ignore the trash the more that shit stinks,

The stronger the odour gets

and the rats come to devour the banquet of you.

Pretending to rise above your garbage does not help the situation.

Denying reality never helps anything.

You know what you’ve gotta do?

You’ve gotta take out the trash man.

Yeah shit has spilled all over the place, you’ve gotta get your hands dirty and clean it up. It’s your responsibility.

Fuck why not embrace it and hump your garbage until your cumming everywhere in glorious primal rapture smothered in leftovers.

Your shadow offers you gifts that the light never could.

Your trash is filled with treasure.

Your darkness is what affords you light.

It is our teacher, our guide, our parent full of tough love - with harsh tendencies, but sometimes it takes us a long fucking while to learn the same lesson. Shit I would kick my ass too.

Trying to rise above our shadow will only achieve more suffering and dissonance, distancing ourselves from what we truly desire; connection, wholeness, unity, peace, all that love and light bliss.

Our shadow demands respect and longs for our love. It asks for us to listen and learn.

So that we can evolve.

The only way out is through.

Yeah the shadowy parts of me lessen as I commune with the underworld, submitting to the mistress of darkness.
But I’m clearly not some light being with a shining aura of selenite sparkling crystal orbs.

I’m real.

I’m all about honouring this human life by staying grounded and embodied whilst being connected to inspiration and God.

Anchored in both worlds.

To have any real impact on this world and to move forward individually and collectively we need to come down to earth.
We need to get real with our shadow and at the same time commune with the bright spark of God.

Only truly integrated beings attain the power of manifestation.

Of bringing down heaven onto earth.

Of making the unseen, seen.

The invisible, visible.

The imagined, physical.

Of Magic.


By embracing our dark we liberate our light.


Our shadow is our biggest teacher.

It is just misunderstood.


Image by Jason Levesque aka stunt kid

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