Our Bodies Do Not Forget

I am reminded again and again of the importance of communing with our bodies, healing ourselves through conscious attention and deep exploration.

In so many spiritual communities the body is bypassed, the embodied pathway to enlightenment is neither known nor acknowledged.

Desire is shamed, sexual energy is not understood and therefore discarded as something unworthy, repressed and suppressed.

...whilst these New Agers seek a spiritual escape route through cosmic crown chakra experiences and third eye trips devoutly ignoring the obvious, un-embodied and lost.

Our bodies do not forget.

They remember, repeating their cries until we listen.

All past crimes recorded and listed, awaiting reckoning, a court house over flowing way past its hearing date.

To commune with our bodies has become a courageous act, because of the sheer magnitude of unaddressed pain stored within.

You see it’s become much easier to be out of your body rather than in it.

Namastaying your way far away from reality by breathing your way into lucid dreamscapes and omming your chakras into colour coded configurations is a fun way to distract yourself.

But reality is a persistent motherfucker and truth is as eternal as they get.

I hate to disrupt your Qi but I’ve got a download for you:

The only way out is through.

The body does not forget, it remembers.

All the pain, amassed from cosmetic surgeries to medical procedures, from chemicals ingested, inhaled, soaked up, to the libraries of malicious thoughts and self hate wishes, to those that entered our bodies without our deepest selves consent, to toxic diets & repressed expression, to strenuous exercise, to the records of scars that our collective ancestors attained, to the ways that we have been deceived since our conception, to the horrific abuses we commit against our own selves day after day after day.

The tally of each minute trauma is left inscribed within us, a living database of wounds and conditioning, track marks like complex river systems spread through our bodies like veins. A junkies record of self sacrifice & addiction to abuse.

We keep missing the fundamental.

We keep ignoring the simple truths.

Why don’t we start with what we started with?

This flesh

These bones

These electrified cells

and create a relationship with the body beyond manipulation,

Beyond vain expectation and heartache,

Beyond measurements and achievements and goal orientated exceptions to celebrate it - my coke bottle figure, that ass to waist ratio, that hair, those lips, those perfect tits.

But instead, communing with this sexual energy from which we came to be.

Honouring this form from the inside out and working in partnership with this vessel that was entrusted into our care.

In unison, in harmony, in a way that heals and opens us.

Our bodies do not forget, they remember

and it takes a fuck ton of courage to go in there and feel it all, but it’s the only way.


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