Spirtual Shamers & "Conspiracy Theorists"

In some of the "conscious communities" it’s cool to shame "conspiracy theorists".

The moment you open your mouth about some deep truth there will be a spiritual saviour ready to slam you down and shame you. Ridicule and mocking will follow.

Really what's going on subliminally is that we who seek to reveal the atrocities that are being committed are seen as conspiring against the government. And that shit threatens peoples constructs of reality which they will go to great lengths to protect.

What I find strange is that anything that goes against what we have been force fed by the government is "conspiracy".

Go on read that sentence again.
Let that sink in.

These spiritual seekers and new age bad asses will blatantly refuse to look into anything of the sort.

I'm not really sure why. It clearly upsets their chakras and clique code.

You become an outsider, a tin hat crusader that is looked upon with pity and whispered about:

"She clearly has issues with the masculine you know, with authority figures”
"She obviously doesn't realise that there is no good and evil, it all just IS”
"What she doesn't get is that its all a reflection."

Now this is some complex shit that I am not qualified to address at this point in time

But honestly, if you can look and see the crazy suffering that is going on en masse right now, look into the babies faces that have been poisoned by our governments, the genocide that is taking place, the chemical and biological warfare, the barbaric killing ..

If you can take your head out of your golden yoni or cleansed colon long enough to see and feel the depth of suffering that is occurring right now and you can still tell me that its all a mother fucking reflection and my issues with authority, then the disease has got you deep man. You’re sicker than I thought and far more dangerous too.

Because people like that who are so removed from reality and adamant that there is nothing to be looked at or done, that it is all far fetched fear propaganda, are the dangerous ones.

The truth is fucking uncomfortable and we are the living byproducts of fear propaganda.

It takes a grown ass person to be able to look at it head on, take a deep breath and say
"okay, what can I do? How can I help?"

It's easy to get overwhelmed.

It's easy to fall victim to helplessness or peer conformity.

It's easy to switch off and tune out.

But we've gotta be bigger than that.

We've gotta Rise Up. Together.


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