Honey, You are Sacred Land

To all the men that masturbate in our holy shrines forgetting they are in a place of worship,

& To all the women that allow them past the temple gates -


This body is sacred.

The moisture between my thighs is a sacrament.

To commune with me is to commune with god herself.

My moans are incantations, passed down from saints and sages, My breasts are altars to which life professes, the incarnation of the deity of creation swims within my hot blood, ripples in my muscles and dances upon my flesh.

I hold the potential to every dream manifest.

Come to me in reverence or come not at all.

Come with prayers of sweetness on your lips, your heart bowed in thanks, offerings around your hips and understand this: My body is where divinity dwells.

To litter within the house of God is a sin.

To remain unconscious in this vessel, and blind to the beauty within is a betrayal to the feminine.

When you betray the feminine you betray life, you betray yourself.

Let's stop hurting ourselves, each other and the planet.


May our voyagers be chosen with discernment.

May our explorers be worthy.

May our intentions be of the most high.

May we feel the sacredness of this land and of this breath.

And remember her from whom we came.


"Honey you are sacred land, Chose your travellers wisely"
- Della Hicks-Wilson


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