Nice Girls Don't Birth Revolutions

One reason that I feel totally disconnected from the whole tantric-goddess-sexually-liberated woman trend is the lack of depth.
I fail to see the point of communing with your sexuality or spirituality if you have no interest in really seeing the truth of what’s going on.

Sure you can get as surrendered and orgasmic as you fucking want but for what?
What higher purpose are you committed to?
In fact what are you committed to beyond your own precious fickle feelings or your addiction to pleasure and aversion to pain?

Sure you can hit me with the “By me being in my orgasmic bliss I am uplifting the vibration of the planet” Yeah great “sister” but I’m of the school of thought that you need to concrete your intent with action. Your energetic bliss with pragmatic dedication.

You need to change within yourself and then follow it up with practical change in this physical reality. In which, by the way, children are being poisoned and massacred and vile and fucked up shit is happening.

I don’t see any of these juicy women speaking out about the atrocities that are happening, and I get it. Whenever I do I get slammed by peoples defensive rage. I get hated on.

And I also get it that this shit is uncomfortable and it can leave you feeling utterly helpless. I intend on creating a solution to that, I wanna be able to say “THIS!” “You can do this to help facilitate huge world wide change”.

What follows is my invitation to myself and to you to not give two fucks about being liked and to embrace the un-comfortableness of reality.

For those of you that are new on here, if you are expecting some subdued, complacent, nice polite goddess bullshit then you best leave quickly.

I am not here to be liked

I am here to have an impact

I am here to wake up and to pass on what I can so If you have a sensitive disposition to truth then you best be off.

I don’t play by the rules.

I don’t give a fuck about your moral code of conduct, your compassionate non violent language, your political correctness, your sterilised and suffocated self expression.

Fuck that shit

Passing your comments through quarantine, filtering out anything real lest I offend anyone.

The list of Can’ts & Don'ts trails on like toilet paper, and really I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with that shit.

We silence each other so that the system does not have to.

We are so brainwashed, we are trained to guard our societal system from the corruption of free thinkers, of truth seekers.

Militant in our patriotic quest we are activated into automated attack the moment we feel threatened that someone is challenging the status quo.

How dare they

How dare they challenge my brainwashed mantric mindset

How dare they assault the structure on which my identity has been built

How dare they imply that I have been misinformed

That I am a public service parrot singing “hey pollys” like I wrote that damn song myself.

I have never seen such reactive rage as I have when I say something that is opposite to what people believe to be true

Have you ever noticed the lie in believe?

To be a lie?

Fuck your whole identity is based on beliefs?

No wonder your ego is so over inflated, attempting to hot air balloon you to safety. That thing is so fragile it could break with the slightest breath.

People are so conditioned they will die to defend the very system that has been abusing them,

Poisoning them

Plotting their death before their very birth

That shit is sick

That shit is fucked

And no I am not interested in your polite passive aggressive tea room debate

“You are not entitled to your opinion.

You are entitled to your informed opinion

No one is entitled to be ignorant”

- Harlan Ellison

Man I just ain’t got no time to be trying to inform people whose minds are sealed shut, who ain’t got no room for reality.

You see it’s a pretty strange thing to be debating truth.
What is there to debate?
There is a war going on!

People be trippin' and reactin' and triggerin'
Trippin' on their trigger until bullets are flyin' and people are dyin'

Careless about the bloodshed.

All in the name of self preservation.

All in the name of conservation.

All in the name of our all-mighty system


How could we have strayed so far from truth?

From love?

From intelligence?

Look at what they’ve done to us.

Look at what we are perpetuating.

I am an angry fucking woman.

My rage fuels my creativity.

I refuse to sweeten my voice because you find it unpalatable.

I am fed up with the way things are being done.

This shit needs to change


And it won’t be done by a woman that is minding her tongue.

It will not be done with silence.


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