Your Bruised and Battered Soul Turns Me On

Soulfulness is a quality that cannot be imitated or artificially initiated, it has a distinctly bright glow and a deeply attractive undertow.

A soulful person is a potent sexy force to be reckoned with.

Soulfulness has a flavour so rich and deep like dark roasted coffee and thick cream, like wet earth and iron rich blood. 

Soulfulness is mysterious forest green eyes and steady echoing want,  it’s humour found in tragedy, its poetry that induces tears, its a melody that takes you under, It's dirt under your fingernails and blue welts under your eyes and weary hope.

It's the erotic endurance of rising from the ashes repeatedly,  a motherfucking phoenix of phenomenal perseverance.

The soul is made of deeper, grittier stuff than the spirit.

The spirit cannot be touched, it remains our purest unperfumed essence, where as the soul interfaces between the spiritual and the mundane.

Because the soul interacts with the mad world the soul is affected, it gets beaten up, bruised, and therefore -

Soulfulness is a quality that is developed, it evolves.

The soul is made of hardship and demons and battle scars.

The soul is weathered like an old sailor, sea washed stubble and calloused skin, like the sinewy braids of muscle on a lumberjacks arms.

It is forged from the repetitive struggle of the muggle world.

Like a soldier returning to battle again and again out on the front lines between the mundane and the magical,  the lands that border the seen and the unseen.

The triumphant trooper that marches into battle day after day, despite the horrors he has seen, in spite of the wounds he carries, the tortures he has endured.

Soulfulness is the people like you and me facing the horrors of this life head on and still getting up the next day.

It's feeling apathy's weight as she blankets you in lead, anchoring you to the bed and still managing to move.

It’s fear's suffocating anxiety that tornadoes through you and leaves you a crippled, crumbling mess and deciding not to reach for the meds this time.

It’s the demons of depression dragging you down into their lair and yet with one hand in front of the other, rung by rickety rung,  you scale that mildewy wall, up from the darkest abyss.

It’s clutching at your chest, wailing on the floor as the waves of grief destroy you with their tsunami strength and picking yourself up, tear stained and shaking and vowing to make it through.

It's feeling life tear you apart with her bare fucking hands and still refusing to give up.
It's looking death in the eyes and saying I'm not scared.

Even though you are, even though it hurts like hell, even though you are riddled with doubts and caustic fears.

Soulfulness is built from your conviction that life is worth living, it is created from your commitment to something greater, to Truth, to Love. to Life.

Soulfulness is saying I am willing to die and die and die again, I am willing to be agonisingly obliterated, I am willing to dissolve in the acidic lava of pain and despair,

..If that is what it takes to know Truth.

Soulfulness is chanting I will, I can, I am - through gritted teeth and a struggling breath, dredging up every reserve of resilience possible to surrender into smithereens.

"I will I can I am."

Soulfulness is the collected wisdom you gathered from your adventures to the underworld, it is the accumulated worth of your plights and struggles, it is the beauty you can still behold despite the ugliness you have experienced, it's the decision to stay open and loving in the wastelands and trials, it's the flame of faith that you still carry even with burnt, withering hands.

And that is some sexy warrior bad ass shit!

It takes soulfulness to survive this crazy life. That strength and resilience cannot be found elsewhere.

And God do we all need more of it.

Your Bruised and Battered soul is deeply Sexy.

You've earned that arousing God force of your sullied soul, so shine it up and wear it with pride.

We are the Soulful Sailors, Soldiers and Sorceresses of Truth, war torn and bloodied.

May we all know and honour the full power of our soul force, deeper and deeper still.

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