Calling Bullshit

A risky move when you realise that the collective feminine revels in bullshit.

In fact most women are more than happy to stay cocooned in their bullshit whilst cocooning their dearest sisters in it also. It’s like there’s this an unspoken rule:

“Do not disturb the bullshit.”

You know the feeling. When you can feel the truth that your friend is blatantly denying or oblivious to and you swallow it down like a good girl and instead politely regurgitate some nice bullshit for her to slurp up.

The harshness of reality will slice her delicate soul too savagely, lest the truth be heard.

No no no. At all costs. Do not rupture this cottonwool life raft that is protecting us all from who we really are.


We as women have a fucking duty to our sisters and therefore ourselves. A duty to truth. to love. to self realisation. Otherwise what the fuck are we living for?!

If you are not living for truth then you aren’t living at all baby.

We turn away from the words that sting and reflect our own deepest knowings, we don’t want to face it. It’s too painful. The change will be too hard. It's too scary. But I will be alone… unloved..

Let me stare you in the eye and administer you some tough love:

You can’t be any worse off than you already are.

You are already alone.





By the person that matters more than anyone else on this planet.



Feel those stirrings of truth deep within your womb and let them gurgle forth.

Let us wash off this disgusting bullshit and unravel this web of self deceit and delusional care for the other.

Let us commit to bathing in the stream of truth and to be brave women of integrity, holding each other up in the light of reality and to be honest at all costs.

Eradicating this collective addiction to bullshit.

Choosing life instead.

Dedicating our voices to only utter the sounds of truth.