This Oceanic Love

"What everyone forgets is that passion is not merely a heightened sensual fusion, but a way of life which produces, as in the mystics, an ecstatic awareness of the whole of life, that it is in this way that poetry becomes the greatest truth, by intensification, condensation of experience. While poetry is considered by most as illusion or delusion, it is the only reality, the moment when we are completely alive." ~Anais Nin

From what i have experienced of poetry this is what I know to be true, poetry is the purest of sexual acts. An act of union, a giving and a receiving, a dance of souls. Love making. A slow, sensual encounter, an exploration, a surrender. When I write or recite poetry I am making love with you and with the universe.
It's delicious and incredibly fulfilling.

This oceanic love has become me
The waves have curled up and over engulfing me in this watery tomb
This fluid bliss
Suspended in this nebulous unchartered world
I am lost in you
In us
Disorientated and drunk
My skin dissolved by sea salt, the tide lapping at my limbs
Kiss me
Stroke my wet swollen lips with your tongue as they quiver in the ecstasy of subtlety
Explore the underwater cave of my mouth, the liquid silk lining of pink succulent flesh
Dive deep into the hidden recesses of my soul
Places submerged, shipwrecks and treasure chests
Drink me
Cover my clit with your mouth as if to silence a great secret escaping
Capture my mysteries
Lick me
Suck me
Relentlessly until you feel my throb reverberate through your teeth
Gather my cum
Drink my thick flowing nectar until my essence is dripping down your chin
I am the ocean of infinite depths
I have come to feed the god in you
Resurrect me
Dredge me up from the depths below, lay me on the land, make your claim upon my soil
Take me under the night sky in a vulnerable half state of sleep
A kiss felt within a dream, a prayer left hovering in the breath before goodnight
I love you
Drive your stake down within my earth
Penetrate me with your presence
I surrender

Your skin upon my skin your flesh upon my flesh
A dance of bodies contorted and writhing in desire that burns
Fusing together within the furnace of our sex
Melding in union, we cease to become you and I
We are us. We are all that is
Sweat cascades down my face, trickling down the valleys of my pleasure,
My hair wild and dripping in disarray
My nipples aching, my breath thick, humid
Cries echo throughout the room, embossed upon the walls
A song of moans and roars, erupting and sighing
Our breath still hangs in the air there

I die and die and die again
A thousand deaths in a night that never ends
My back arches and snaps my muscles spasm and liquify
This is far beyond you and I
This ancient love
Spoken between our bodies in the language of the flesh
Etched within the arteries of my heart
Wakes me in the dead of the night
Cracked open with longing
I hunger for you, tortured I wake sweating and panting
Scratching at my throat I wail and sob
This cosmic love, this karmic love, this timeless love
Has obliterated me
Fucked sweetly into realms untouched
My body lies engorged and dripping
My heart beats for you, my veins pulse with your taste swimming in my blood

In a poem of things left unsaid
In a lament for our love
I adore you