The Priestess


The priestess

The backbone of woman

The bridge between the worlds

The holder of integrity and truth

She holds the ancient wisdom in her womb

Limitless treasure for those that seek

The internal marriage of masculine and feminine

She is radiant presence personified

She is all that ever was and all that ever will be. Goddess.

Graceful queen of compassionate love

Self contained she does not heamorrage power.

Her cells vibrate with orgasmic bliss

She does not dim her light for anyone.


Priestess Please guard my temple

My sacred yoni, my wise womb, my powerful heart,  inviting and fertile and forgiving

Guide me to feel my worth

So that i may attract only worthiness into my sphere

Uncover the mysteries of the earth within me so that i may taste the beauty of who i really am


Sacred all holy ever present priestess.


Initiate us all.