Terminally Unorgasmic

I can't believe a year ago I wasn't having any orgasms. In fact I considered myself to be terminally un-orgasmic. I thought I would never, ever have an orgasm full stop.

Fast forward to 12 months later and I can now have full body energetic orgasms at the drop of a hat. With just intiention and breath I can generate and move orgasmic energy all through my body until i'm convulsing with it.

I had a man call me this morning (whom i barely know) to ask for advice for his girlfriend as she embarks on a path of conscious sexuality. I was so greatly humbled and completely bewildered as I was shown, clear as day, a reflection of myself exactly a year ago. She was the ultimate opposite of who I am now.

Women are asking me how to be more feminine, people are asking me about sexuality and orgasms, friends are asking me about relationships, ME! the woman who didn't even know what feminine or energetic orgasm or tantra or conscious sexuality meant 12 months ago. It's blowing my brains out trying to comprehend the complete transformation I have gone through in this last year. What a fucking trip.

I said this to my friend on the phone this morning and it's something I've heard my teachers and friends say time and time again:

Sexual energy is life force energy. It is the way we were created, it is our sustaining drive and nourishment, it is the all-creative-God-force-of-LIFE! if you want to shift/change/transform ANY part of yourself or your life, work with your fucking sexual energy. It's the fast track - and I am living proof. You will evolve at a rapid rate if you are engaging consciously with your sexuality. Guaranteed.

Everyone has the potential to be fully orgasmic and pleasure filled.

It is our birth right to be sexually evolved and sensually alive beings on this planet.

Let us claim that right, let us claim ourselves into deep surrendered ravishment.


Thank you to all of my amazing teachers, mentors, lovers and friends that have helped me in my becoming X