Sex Camp

I just spent the weekend in the bush with a whole bunch of people attending workshops about sex, from kinky to the subtle, to cunt craft to glad wrap, to trauma and tantra. All with the same understanding - that sexual energy is our life force and that at the core of the human soul is love and the deep yearning for connection.

A lifetime spent within a weekend, under palatial tents adorned with silks and the wild bush land of a girl guides camp. An entire night of endless rain drumming upon our canvas roofs and a mass of muddy bodies sitting together, candles in hands, flickering flames of hope.

Arriving vulnerable with tears of tiredness leaking down my cheeks I found refuge under an old tree with Courtney nursing my social anxiety. I did a quantum collapse, rubbing my meridian points in the humid pre storm air and that night I broke out into convulsing sobs, the grief of unworthiness. Amazing plates of vegelicious delights awaited us at every meal time and cold showers refreshed us multiple times a day.

After breakfast I learnt the sacred art of Japanese rope tying and got bound by a sexy tantric goddess.

I held the womens space, plagued by insects, a fertile ground of rest and rejuvenation.

In Cuntology I placed a mirror between my legs and drew my vagina, sculpted my pussy out of clay and created a painting of my cunt complete with glitter glue and a crown.

Mistress Gabriel, a dominatrix from a dungeon commanded us to wrap each other in cling wrap and explore our core erotic fantasies. Courtney and I lost our minds in the play of domination and submission, spanking and riding each other into sweet ecstasy.

That night we were all hypnotized by a Shibari performance, the awe inspiring intimacy and erotic acrobatics. A fashion parade -cum- talent show erupted and we were all cheering and laughing with enthusiastic love. Such a fucking special human experience.

Each night camping with my women and filling the night air with hysterical laughter and feminine joy.

The following day I chanted and danced through all my chakras and screamed in orgasmic pleasure from a bathroom stall.

Then the moment I’d be waiting for arrived, Sasha Cobras workshop on the Power of the Subtle.

Her potent transmission penetrated us all as we surrendered into being.
We were reclaimed by ourselves.
Our breath to filled us and dissolved the tension and trauma we had carried for so long.
Convulsing and vibrating with life force.
Life is not a doing but a being.
There is nothing to do.
Just breathe and relax.
Give thanks for the uncomfortable because it is always an opportunity to let go, to grow, to come home to yourself, to God.
It is always about intimacy with you and yourself. Always.

Such a beautifully intense energetic experience. I finally gathered the courage to ask Sasha to dinner and we laughed and chatted as we watched Eyal dance naked and the mosquitoes ate us.

In my pink negligee I cuddled and swayed the night away under the stars above, a dance of sweet sensual bliss, making love to the world with tousled hair and parted lips in the embrace of a beautiful man.

Visiting the love lounge a wall of voyeurs stood over the sea of naked bodies, tied and wrapped, sucking and fucking, whilst the couples over the other side of the room fell into their own little worlds of pleasure.

In the center I stood as Marvin Gaye sung in my ear and beautiful woman and beautiful man sucked on my nipples - the perfect ending to an amazing weekend.

Full of bliss, openings, discomfort, sadness, fear, purging, exploring, loneliness, connection, intimacy, pleasure, reflections, discovering, truth, and LOVE.

Such a special event with such special people.

Thank you thank you thank you xxx

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