Want a King? Be a Queen of your own Consciousness

Women are lacking the consciousness and self respect (which has been passed down to them by mothers with the same degenerative conditions) to even know, let alone acknowledge their own power and therefore are totally irresponsible with it.

Dangerous in their self hate, denial and uneducated state.

Women are powerful beings, but you put a little girl at the wheel of a vehicle that’s equipped for a mature adult and you’ve got a dangerous situation on your hands.

Hereditary unconsciousness is being recycled like never before and the sickly conditioning en masse that’s targeting the receptive nature of women has become the most malignant consuming force.

We have brainwashed our powerful women.

Our great mothers of the universe, from their medicine breasts we used to suckle the wisdom of life

Our witches that held the earths secrets of dark and light, the mysterious gift bringers of magic and manifestation.

The priestesses of the sacred arts, wielding the force of sexuality as a tool for transcendence.

Us women have a lot of work to do to undo this damage and rise up as the real women that we are.

A lot of women are out there wanting king's and blaming men for not “stepping up”.

Most of us women have been conditioned so fucking deep that we in no way recognise our own insanity, our complete aversion to reality and our disdain of the feminine and of therefore of all life.

This whole Goddess revolution has New Age chicks draping their seeping wounds in fine lace, proclaiming to be en route to enlightenment and to be oh so evolved.

Oh and men? They are so far behind.


YOU need to step the fuck up sister.

When you exist in reality that truth hits you so hard you’re left spinning.

Most of us women are trapped in little girl mode.

Clinging to the fantasies of our past, our disney esque programming, our knee jerk reactions and precious emotionality. Subtly and grossly manipulating men and situations, running from the truth at every turn.

A little girl wanting a King? You delusional babe.

I got slapped by reality so hard a little while back all I could do was pick up my big girl panties and say okay, I’m gonna be a woman.

No matter how many times I need to undergo excruciating soul surgery

No matter how much agony I need to endure, being ripped apart at the seams to extract this insidious cancer.

No matter how close I will get to ending my own life dissolving on the bathroom floor in apocalyptic grief and despair as everything I have known is torn from the fabric of my existence.

No matter how long it will take to undo what has been done,

I will be Woman.

Because it is well and truly time that women stepped the fuck up.

We are at war and it will not cease until Women return.

So think twice before you launch into your automatic “men this, men that” because maybe your mirror ain’t too clean sunshine, you seem to be delusional about your own reflection.

You want a King? Well then, it’s time to be a Queen of your own consciousness.


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Thank you to my ever present King, Muse and God Man, Shantam Nityama. I adore you.