How Conscious Sex can Change the World

I wrote an article a way back, it was fresh off the press of my pubescent understanding of conscious sex.

Throbbing with new found knowledge it literally tumbled out of me like an orgasmic conglomeration of passion.

I've never received such hate and such praise as I have off this post as it resurfaced from the bowels of the internet.

Here is the improved older sibling of "My Era of Sleeping with Dickheads is Over":

Sexual energy is the essence of all creation.

The great orgasmic supernova of life, pulsing through us all, ejaculating our conscious dreams, our unconscious hopes, our reality.

Sexual energy - Creative energy same diff.

You are the great masterpiece of the alchemical miracle of Gods kinky desire.
Manufactured of star dust and shit and cum.

Sexual energy is one of the most potent forces on the planet.

We all know that by how it has been used and abused to sell shit to us, how the truth of our sexuality has been so brutally raped into unrecognisable distortion.

Most of us are completely disconnected from our true power as creative, Kinky God Freaks.

So, let’s be straight here: (or not, I prefer things not so vanilla myself)

When you are intimate with someone, you are engaging in the intercourse of your subtle soul selves, much more is going down than what meets the eye.

As your physical flesh is writhing and sweating and tingling with blissbumps your energetic body is doing the same, merging, becoming one, wedding with the other.

Women and men are energetically engineered by the all mighty Divine Freak in different ways.

Womens vaginas are their negative pole, it is where we receive energy, our vaginas are like receptive juicy sponges slurping up every energetic nuance from a mans dick and fertilising it with our own magic to bring it forth into the world.

Mens penis's are their positive pole, it is how he gives energy, their dicks are like light saber elder wands of penetration, destroying anything within her that is preventing life and sowing energetic intentions into her luscious womb.


Whatever a man is engaging with in his mind, in his heart and in his consciousness whilst hes fucking you is being received by your pussy and being manifested into reality through the incredible vessel of you.

Whether that be an apathetic mood, a craving for pepperoni pizza or world peace.

Therefore it is imperative to be discerning with whom you go to bed with, as they say “never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to become.”


The catch in it is that most men aren’t hoping for much in the way of those things whilst they’re being with you..

So instead he is essentially excavating a nice garden bed for your own subconscious activity to sprout forth.

The strongest energy, of which ever variety is the one that will succeed in being spawned into manifestation.

Most of us women are running around with a whole lifetime worth of deep ass shit that has been programmed into our subconscious.

We are literally a global nation of female walking talking trash receptacles (which I say with all empathy, I am still very much in the process of sorting through all my junk that is in no way recyclable)

The man is actually lending his life force to bringing forth whatever insanity you have lurking about in the bowels of your unconscious mind.

and that folks is fucking SCARY.

Millions of people are fucking themselves & the world into complete insanity because they are lacking any consciousness.

Women are birthing madness faster than they can cum and aren't even aware that their metaphorical children are wreaking havoc on their lives and society at large.

Unconscious sex is keeping the planet in a loop of suffering.

It is much more imperative that we savvy up on the truth of sex than you may think.

It is a matter of each of us taking responsibility for our actions and reclaiming our power and consciousness from the grips of our past conditioning.

It is a matter of choosing to become more and more conscious no matter what it takes.

Conscious sex will not only completely change your life but it can alter the world at large.

I have taken the commitment to be a conscious woman, whatever the cost. And I encourage all women to do the same, we need to back our selves and band together now more than ever.

We need to birth a new earth and fuck do we need one STAT.

I have no time to be messing around with low vibrational and harmful seeds in my womb, that were planted into me from this sick society, reincarnated by my egoic mind or gathered from a lover.

I only want to be planted with seeds of the most glorious beauty, of truth, of love.

This planet is about to face the most extreme, gravely evil time ever beholden by man - if we fail to rise now. Many of you would prefer to ignore this uncomfortable fact. We must now choose whether we want to evolve or devolve, do we choose extinction or do we choose enlightenment?

It is time to act now.

I am using conscious sex as my main and most powerful vessel of transformation in this disturbing time. I am of no help to myself nor to others as an unconscious being.

I am using conscious sex to birth a new earth, to end all suffering.

I am holding this vision of a new world in my womb, protecting my unborn child with fierce tenderness, nursing it with my faith, feeding it with my dreams.

It is the greatest honour for me as a woman to be pregnant with such high intentions.

What about you?

Do you have the courage to be a woman that cares deeply enough?

Do you have the strength to be a man that penetrates with care?

We can do this together.

You are powerful.

But together we are unstoppable.


If you want to be apart of the Uprising Subscribe down below, It is time to join forces and get organised collectively.


Thank you to my ever present, patient and loving God Man Shantam Nityama for sharing your wisdom & deeply supporting me in my evolution.