My name is Alana,

You’ve found your way here via my anthemic blogs on sexuality or the shadow or been intrigued & inspired by my poetry on love and sex.

I am a writer, I write as a way of channeling the internal intensity of my passions.

I am an initiator, an inspirer, a fire starter - of transcendental sensual & erotic experiences.

My journey was one of trauma, illness & struggle, from non-orgasmic to energetically orgasmic, reclaiming myself as a woman, daring to tread in the forbidden woods of my self, to dive into the dark and forgotten places within me.

I'm so glad you're here.

That my words are not mine alone.

I believe the most powerful revolution will occur within the privacy of our own bodies and psyches.

The greatest act of rebellion in this world that attempts to bind us and enslave us - is to embody ourselves - our cells -

to come to know ourselves deeply and viscerally, through our sensuality & our sexuality.

To be brave enough to feel.

To be our bold, fucked up selves and embrace the light and dark of this human experience.

To know love, to know loss, and to keep going, no matter how hard it gets.

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